Intermediate Silks (Clouds)

Intermediate Silks (Clouds)
November 28, 2017 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Madamn Burnz
510 808 7548

Intermediate aerial silk classes focus on building off the root vocabulary. Students will begin to learn drops and drop theory, exploring the full vocabulary of locked and unlocked downwards movements. Students work to create their own sequences and choreography, and may work towards building a performance.

Intermediate classes are available to students who can hang in the air for over 3 minutes, do a solid invert from the air, and have hip keys and foot locks dialed.

The class is based off the Clouds part of the Aireal Alchemy project, building on the base movements learnt in the Roots section by introducing intermediate base poses, their variations, and adds initial layering techniques. Students in this class will have a vast understanding of the “hitch” theory of aireal, and experience deep explorations of hip, knee, foot, and waist hitches. Clouds class is paired with the Flames class, and is the technique section of this next tier of aireal.

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