Fire Eating/Magic Workshops with Adam Lobo!

Hi ^_^ I’m Adam Lobo and I’m coming to the USA to perform at the Eclipse Gathering. While in the USA I will be presenting a series of Fire Eating/ Pyro Magic workshops. The workshops cost $130AUD or $100USD
– short video demo here –

Workshops are 2 hours long @ Skyhigh Odditorium in Oakland
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL! likely to sell out due to venue capacity.
11th August | 7pm – 9pm
12th August | 11:30am – 1:30pm
12th August | 3:30pm – 5:30pm
13th August | Potential workshop @ 11am if there is at least 5 students to attend that couldn’t make the previous workshops.
Whats included in the workshop???
~ Fire Magic Demonstrations to get you excited!
~ Multiple sizes and styles of Wands/ Torches provided for the workshop & also available to purchase
~ Where to purchase Fire Magic ingredients (I will have many available with me)
~ How to make 5-6 different Fire Magic Tricks
~ Assessment of the class on current fire eating level and customizing the fire eating trick content to suit.
—- We will try to get to the highest level of tricks possible! I am
aiming to leave you with the following tricks: True Fire Eat,
Candle Collection, Shoot the Moon, Shotgun Transfer, Pulling Vapor from Live Flame, Pressurized Human Candles (the long lasting skinny ones), Plane Bending Human Candles, Multiple Fire Balls,
~ Hybridizing Human Candles/ Fire Balls with Flame Trail Transfers
~ Hybridizing Fire Eating with PYRO MAGIC!
~ Discussions on Partner Fire Eating Combos and even demonstrating some if we still have time! – View Partner fire eating with myself and the talented Billy Tempest here –

Happy to hang out and skill jam with ANYONE who wants to play later that day after all the workshops are done. This is the part I look forward to the MOST!
Workshops include a coupon code for 25% off any of my fire eating products online for 6 months.


I’ve been playing fire for 12 years and performing professionally for about 8. Also have been innovating FIRE EATING for the last 7 years and am the teacher of many of the worlds greatest… I developed revolutionary techniques for vapor control and now hybridize them with a mix of Fire Magic & Pyro Chemicles.

I also am the creator of the standard hollow torches currently in circulation that many of you use today due to the popularisation of them by my ex-students during their Fire Eating Tour last year.

I now make HEAT PROOF fire eating products that are JEWELL ENCRUSTED and have gorgeous designs. I have 10 different themes that have 6 varities of torch in each theme: 1 inch beginner wands, 1.5 inch intermediate wands, 2 inch standards, Tri-Force Flame Splitters, Hidden Fire Sword inside Hollow torch and Double Ended. All are fully functioning hollow torches that prevent you from ever burning your lips on hot metal again!

+ Feel free to check out my fire eating product range on my online store here
I’m uploading more to the range EVERYDAY as I finish off all of the themes ^_^

Integrating Fire Magic with Pyro Chemicles has been an amazing eye opener to the potentials of insanely technical and beautiful performances that AMAZE, SPARKLE, EXPLODE & seem downright IMPOSSIBLE! I can’t wait to share this knowledge with you.

To secure your attendance please Purchase the workshop you wish to attend on the LESSONS product category on my online store –

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