Promethean Healing

Promethean Healing is an all original Fire Healing Magic Ritual that is used to balance energy and cure spiritual disease. The session begins with a sound healing and sonic chakra tuning & balancing. A grid of Strong healing stones is personally created for each client to suit their personal needs. Fire is administered in runic symbols and zonar patterns in the near proximity of the client. An incense blend is created to serve the client’s grounding needs, and created a centered state. Accompanied by live drums, the client is available to ground after the cleanse, in a protected, safe atmosphere.

Fire is an elemental that serves to create and destroy, to transform inert energy into evolutionary growth. By bringing oneself into the confines of relaxation, Fire elemental embraces vulnerability, burning away the negative, and initiating self-love and harmony.

Promethean Healing sessions are available by appointment at 510 808 7548

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