Tune into the Mystery of Life

The Tree of Life provides a pathway of understanding the contents of the world, and the nature of our relationships. It is said by Hebrew mystics that as the pathways between the ‘spheres’ were meditated upon, so was the hebrew alphabet, and thus was the origin of language. Each card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot is linked with an individual letter of the alphabet and pathway between the mystical worlds emanated by the divine.

Providing a map for us to comprehend the unknown nature of life and its various choices, Tarot may be looked upon as a tool for comprehension. Decks are broken down into Major and Minor Arcanas; the Major Arcana tells the story of transformation of ignorance to Wisdom, and the Minor Arcana provides guidance on the 4 suits of the soul: body, spirt, heart, and mind.

Reading one’s Tarot is a ritual process, often done once a moon cycle. Cards may be consulted in daily magic practices for guidance. Tarot cards are regarded as cards of divination, and engaging in their magic is a direct connection to the spiritual universe.

Oddistorium resident Madamn Burnz has been reading Tarot for 20 years, beginning with the traditional Ryder Waite traditional deck, and incorporating the “new vision” of the flipped perspective. She also showcases the readings of the Fantasy Showcase Tarot, bringing forth the card of the lady and the playful nature of the Universe. Alex Veterano reads cards with the Psychic Tarot and provides readings in Spanish. The duo produced a full length aireal theater experience recounting the story of the Major Arcana, and released a section of their original music, the TAROTales Vol I,.

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Skyhigh Aireal Alchemy Tarot Major Arcana deck coming soon!

Veterano & Madamn Burnz, Mystics

Veterano & Madamn Burnz, Mystics