Cerebellum Projekt

Cerebellum Projekt

Electronic Music & Circus Project

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Representing the partnership of international circus & multimedia artist Madamn Burnz and Latin-electronic music producer and engineer Alex el Veterano, Cerebellum Projekt brings a one of a kind multimedia production experience. Offering the only Fire Eating Aerial Rope performance, they combine original performance art and music with psychedelic theater and visuals.

Since 2014, Cerebellum Projekt has stretched its wingspan across the west coast music & art festival scene, with 2 independently released EPs: Sacred Fortune (2014) and TAROTales Vol 1 (2016). Together they have scored 2 full length aerial theater shows, the circus alley of How Weird Street Faire, and numerous other stages and local events.

Cerebellum Projekt features a diverse music score, to include their latest release on SpeedSound Rec, “PsyberSpace,” a psytrance inspired single.