The Dragonettes

The Dragonettes

In-house Performance Troupe

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Skyhigh’s in-house performance troupe, the Dragonettes are the heart & core of the Skyhigh aerial program. Developing individual and group performances on aerial silks, lyra, sling, chains, pole and rope, the Dragonettes are a dedicated team of diverse talent. Beginning with Skyhigh’s in house student showcases, short films, theater shows, and productions, The Dragonettes have grown to become resident performers with various groups such as DARK Events, UMA Gallery, Princess SF, Good Fun Day, and a variety of private productions. They have performed as a group locally as well as toured the California, performing in Nevada City, Sacramento & Santa Cruz. The Dragonettes’ are the resident group of performers and artist who make all Skyhigh events possible. They are constantly evolving their artistry and reaching new heights. 

To view more of their work please check them out on Instagram at @The.Dragonettes